Email or Phone Consultations

Candace offers consultations by phone or email for those interested in one-on-one guidance. She will recommend which essential oils and formulas to use, and write up a specific protocol for how and when to use them. Purchasing products is available and optional.

Why Do A Consult?
Consultations can benefit anyone who would like private time and personal guidance with Candace on how Aromatherapy and which essential oils can help their specific situation. These can be physical and/or emotional needs. It can also be simply to make a Personalized Blend for you.

Here are some of the many issues Aromatherapy can help you with:
Stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, sleep, healthy travel, mental focus, aches and pains, skin issues, immune boosting, surgery recovery, the dying process, grieving, life transitions and personal blends.

True Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of genuine and pure essential oils. We only carry this high quality of essential oil which means the liquid can be antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory or stimulating, cooling or warming. The pure aroma is a language of thought, memory and emotion. Essential oils are not “one size fits all.” Due to their skin absorption qualities and nose-brain connection, they demand that we honor the individuality in all of us. This is one of the reasons why Aromatherapy can be more effective with private consultations.


Payment due with submission of form

Click here to open Consultation Form 2018, fill out form, email or fax to Candace PH. 352.602.7218