The Touch With Oils® Story

The Touch With Oils® Story

As owner of Oil Lady Aromatherapy® in 1992, I felt very drawn to be a volunteer at Hospice which evolved into my Aromatherapy Touch With Oils® work. This all started back in 1993 when I was sitting by the healing pond in the prayer garden at the Naples Community Hospital in Naples, Florida. I’m watching the ducks playing in the water and I hear the name of my work is to be Touch With Oils® and that I will teach the compassion of reverent touch with sacred oils to everyone who wants to learn and experience this. At the time it seemed overwhelming since I was getting my own strength back from my own health challenges that led me to the discovery of the powerful properties of essential oils for health and well being on many levels. As a Hospice volunteer in Naples, Florida and as a retreat facilitator in North Carolina, massage tables and full body massage were not available or appropriate. Thus Touch With Oils® Hand Massage was born. At the time, I had no idea of the seeds that were being planted for the challenges coming in my personal life, as well as the scope of the professional involvement. This expanded into my personal training of hundreds of nurses, staff, volunteers, and caregivers in the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage. As I was doing this gentle compassionate work with touch and oils for Hospice patients, my father’s condition of Alzheimer’s was surfacing quickly. Being a therapist, I was obviously trying every type of modality for him that I learned in dealing with my own health challenges over a 6-7 year period. This was in addition to the team of medical doctors we were seeing.

One of the parts of my own work involves teaching classes to the public on the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage. My parents were in my first class in 1993, and watching them work on each other’s hands while I walked around assisting them and others, was a gift from God that I will never forget. It was a vision of pure love and caring, surrounded by comfort and peace. My parents were from a generation where massage was not as recognized as it is now as a therapeutic healing modality. At the end of the class as we were walking out of the building, my father looked at me and asked if this is what I was doing now (since a couple of years before I had left the Executive Vice-Presidency of a real estate company for health reasons). When I said “yes” … Dad said, “Oh Honey, you have to do this for everyone”.

My work continued to show me over the years how Touch With Oils® is truly a language of no words. As my father’s condition worsened, we could no longer verbally communicate with him for the last few years of his life. I was now experiencing first hand the frustration and pain in my own heart that comes to all of us in these times of feeling helpless, deeply fatigued, and yearning to help. When visiting him I would sit quietly and work on his hands with the oils and speak to him gently now and then. The tight pain of emotions in my heart, which put me in the hospital at one point, would slowly melt away when I gave him a Touch With Oils® Hand Massage. The river of peace started to flow. I knew our spirits were sharing a truly sacred time together that could never be described with words.

This has continued to be my experience with clients and friends. However, when it is your father or a dear loved one, you are shown this on another level. I also witnessed how this eased my mother’s pain as she did the same thing for the last few years of Dad’s life, as his faithful, loving and tireless caregiver. With my father’s passing, we then put the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage on a DVD, as part of the way to honor my father’s passing. Also came the request of many students … “please put this on a DVD so we can take you home with us”. Now, one can simply follow along with me and learn the technique.

Love starts in the Heart
The Place where God always is …
Patiently waiting for us
To quietly …
come home. 

Candace Newman

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