The Ten Principles of Touch With Oils®

The Ten Principles of Touch With Oils®
Circle of Compassion in Action

1. Silence                                                                     6. Soften
2. Gentle                                                                      7. Mindfulness
3. Resting Heartbeat                                             8. Breath
4. Intention                                                                 9. Giving & Receiving
5. Settle in                                                                 10. Reverence
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Touch With Oils® Institute

Smell and touch are noted to be our most primitive senses. They are powerful healers when used together with pure integrity. Michelangelo

1. Silence. As the silent witness in stillness … observe the power of quiet. Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves. Thomas Carlyle
2. Gentle. Like the repetition of a gentle drop of water, Touch With Oils® goes deeper and deeper. Nothing so strong as gentleness; Nothing so gentle as real strength. Frances de Sales
3. Resting Heartbeat Rhythm (RHR). Use the slow calming rhythm of a resting heart to balance the autonomic nervous system … and the mind and body will follow. Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28
4. Intention. Set your intention as Being part of the Touch With Oils® Circle of Compassion in Action … from your heart through your hands. Mist your head, face and neck to reinforce this mind-brain entrainment.
5. Settle in. With as quiet an environment as possible, settle your receiver in a safe, supported position. Empty your mind with your breath while misting their head and face …washing and clearing the terrain environment.
6. Soften. Allow your whole body to release and relax. Soften your hands with finger pads like soft mushy paws. Check your posture and alignment.
7. Mindfulness. Focus on each technique while being aware of your present energy. Stay in the moment of each motion with the silent, gentle, RHR of compassion.
8. Breath. Aroma and spirit travel on the breath, honoring the individuality of each person. Pause and breathe with them 3 times at the end in honor of this quiet time.
9. Giving and Receiving as one. The sacred synergy of Touch With Oils® … a language of no words: makes no judgments, knows no boundaries and has no limits.
10. Reverence. To Touch With Oils® is to:
Go in with Reverence …Touch with Compassion … Come out with Reverence.